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With an SMC Bikes MOT you get more. When you drop your bike or scooter off with us at our Sheffield showroom, you can be sure that your pride and joy is looked after with care.

Our goal is to get your motorbike back on the road in the best condition possible, and we have the means and facilities to look after anything you might bring in.

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Motorcycle & Scooter MOT FAQs

We all need MOTs. They’re part of the government laws to ensure that only road worthy vehicles are on the roads. The rules ensure that the nuber of aaccidents caused by failing parts is reduced.


What is an MOT test?

The MOT test ensures that vehicles over three years old are roadworthy, properly maintained and meet minimum safety and environmental standards.

Why do I need an MOT?

If you have a motorcycle that is three or more years old, you are legally required to put your motorcycle in for an annual MOT test at an approved MOT centre. The MOT test will determine whether your motorcycle is roadworthy or not.

What is covered by an MOT test?

An MOT test covers all the components that make your motorcycle or scooter work, from brakes and exhausts to steering and suspension.

What happens if my motorcycle fails its MOT test

You’ll be given a failure document and advised on retest rules. This means your motorcycle doesn’t meet legal requirements and must be repaired and retested to comply with MOT test standards. Your service advisor will give you quotes for the work that needs carried out.

How long before my MOT due date can I get my motorcycle tested?

You can have your MOT test carried out 28 days early without it affecting your MOT expiry date.

Do motorcycles with free road tax still need to be checked?

Yes. All vehicles must pass an MOT test regardless of vehicle excise duty.

What are the most common causes of MOT failure?

Headlamps, light bulbs and tyre conditions are the most common causes. However, most of these can be avoided with some simple and regular motorcycle maintenance. Find out more about what you can do to pass first time.