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Annual Service Deal

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Have your bike serviced by our factory trained technicians without breaking the bank! Our technicians will carry out a comprehensive 30 point check on your bike including an oil & filter change. You will receive a detailed health check on the condition of components and running gear and also any recommendations or remedial work that may be needed.

  • Keeps your service history up to date
  • Ensures safety and identifies potential problems
  • Detailed health check on your bike’s overall condition

We Check…

  • Change Engine Oil
  • Change Oil Filter
  • Service Brake Calipers
  • Mini Valet For Bike
  • Check Battery & Charging
  • Check Forks & Seals
  • Check Headstock Bearings
  • Check Wheel Alignment
  • Check Chain Adjustment
  • Check F. Brake Disc Condition
  • Check Brake Fluid Condition
  • Check F. Wheel Integrity
  • Check F. Wheel Bearings & Seals
  • Check R. Wheel Condition
  • Check Shock Absorber
  • Check Radiator Condition
  • Check Cooling System Hoses etc.
  • Check Coolant Condition & Level
  • Check Condition of Frame
  • Check Condition of Fasteners
  • Check Other Fluids
  • Check Engine Condition
  • Check Swingarm Bearings
  • Check R. Wheel Bearings & Seals
  • Check Tyre Pressure / Condition
  • Check Radiator Condition
  • Check Exhaust System Condition
  • Check Clutch Operation
  • General Health Check
  • Road Test Assessment
  • Check Steering Lock Stops

Manufacturer Specified Servicing

Modern motorcycles are very reliable, but like any performance machine you need to look after them to ensure the best running. Regular and good maintenance and regular servicing is key to keeping your bike on the road year round.

Don’t Risk Voiding Your Warranty

Whilst your new bike is still under the original manufacturer’s warranty, it should be serviced in accordance to the manufacturer specification. Failure to do so can invalidate your warranty. (Check your manufacturer or handbook for more information)

Why Trust SMC?

SMC Bikes ensures that our staff is armed with all the knowledge they need to look after your bike and warranty. They do this by giving their staff continuous technical training that adheres to the manufacturer requirements. You can trust SMC to do the right thing for your bike.